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No FMCG company should ever have a reputation crisis

Crisis management training and real-time crisis simulation exercises to help FMCG Managers protect their brand
and keep more customers.

A reputation crisis can be devastating for your business

The average cost of a crisis in 2000 was $10m - and 25% over $100m. A quarter of companies don't survive. 

By 2018, the cost had doubled! Why? 

Social media!

Social media means negative news about your brand travels further and faster than ever before. What starts out as a minor incident can quickly spiral out of control.


When consumer complaints and negative comments start escalating, many companies revert to an outdated approach to crisis management. It doesn't work!

The PR approach to crisis management focusses on the media statement.
Given to a journalist in the hope they will use it as you intended, or stuck on your website or social media pages, these cold, defensive statements don't help.
In fact they may make things worse.


It doesn't have to be that way!

Social media can actually be your greatest asset - and the only one you can control! 

Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to reach out and engage with consumers, build trust in your company, products and brands and actually strengthen your business!

We can show you how.

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How do you prevent a reputation crisis?

When consumer complaints and negative comments start going viral on social media, many companies still use outdated PR responses. They don't work.

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We'll show you what does work.

Preparation is critical!

Being prepared means having the 3 P's in place:

1. Plan

An easy to use plan that provides good guidance to your team under the pressure of a crisis.

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2. People

Trained people that have the skills and confidence to implement the plan under crisis conditions.

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3. Practice

Stress test your plan and your people under realistic conditions so you know it works!

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"Great insights and practical tools that have helped George Weston Foods lift capability and be better prepared for incidents"


Andrew Bray

Head of internal audit and Risk Management, George Weston Foods  Ltd

How can we help you and your team?

We can give you the skills you need and the processes you must have in place to confidently manage major incidents effectively so they don't escalate into a reputation crisis, particularly over social media.
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1. Plan

An easy to use plan that provides good guidance to your team under the pressure of a crisis.

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2. People

Online training and team coaching to build your capability and get your team on the same page fast. 


3. Practice

A real-time crisis simulation that includes consumers on your social media pages, to stress test your team & plan.