Crisis simulations & training to help you prevent a crisis


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For a food or consumer goods company, a major incident or a product recall can quickly escalate into a crisis that can have a devastating impact on your business.

As the phones start ringing, customers & consumers are demanding answers you don't have yet, social media is going viral and regulators start pushing you towards action you don't feel ready for, even the most experienced teams can be overwhelmed.

You and your team have worked too hard to build your business and brands to see it lost in a crisis you don't need to have....

You need to be prepared!

The key to managing incidents and product recalls effectively and preventing them from escalating into a crisis is preparation.


We prepare your team in 3 easy steps:

1. Develop your plan

Create a crisis management plan that will actually help guide your team in a potential crisis!

2. Train your team

Make sure your team understand your plan and have the skills they need to prevent incidents & recalls escalating

3. Practice your process

Provide a realistic simulation so your team can practice implementing your plan and hone the skills they will need


Create your plan, train your people, practice your skills

Get the Crisis Prevention Toolkit and know how to use it!

Live Workshops

One and two day public workshops that include all the tools your need to create a plan, build your skills and practice in a simulated crisis.


Private Workshop

Customised one or two day workshops for your team held at your site.

Great for getting your whole team engaged, aligned and prepared quickly!

Online Course

Can't make one of our workshops or have difficulty getting the team together? Train at your own pace with online training, tools and simulation exercises.

"... incredibly informative, relatable & approachable".

"Very informative, interactive and some great tools to use. Loved the simulation!"

"Great case studies presented."

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Crisis Simulations

The closest your team will get to a real crisis without being in one!

  • Know you're doing it right!

    Have confidence that your team has the skills and understands the process under crisis conditions!


  • Practice your social media response

    Using an interactive mock-up of your social media pages or others.

  • Role-playing all key stakeholders

    Customers, consumers, regulators, suppliers, shareholders, media

  • Instant feedback and coaching on your response

    Role players respond to your communications, facilitator provides coaching during, at the end or both

  • Practice in a safe, secure environment

    It looks real, it feels real but mistakes are part of the learning experience, not bet the company decisions!

"Great insights and practical tools that have helped GWF lift capability and be better prepared for incidents.



Andrew Bray

Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management,

George Weston Foods Limited

At a time when a number of key managers were away, our team were able to confidently use the process to manage a product recall and protect our business and brand.

Mojgan Shadchehreh,

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Manager,

McPhersons Consumer Products

The annual crisis simulations really helps to keep us on our toes and provides the confidence that we’ll be able to respond should a crisis situation occur”

Jason Sheriff

Chief Financial Officer,

Miraka Ltd

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