Make sure your crisis simulation exercise is a valuable learning experience for your team! 

A crisis simulation exercise is the best way to know that your process will actually work and your people know how to implement it in a real crisis. It can potentially save you millions of dollars and even your business! How do you make sure it is effective? Download our FREE one page guide to get some Quick Tips and tricks to make your next (or first!) crisis simulation a great learning experience for your team!

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Quick Tips for Effective Crisis Simulations

For FMCG companies regular crisis simulation exercises are critically important.

Social media means that news of a problem with a product, allegations of wrong-doing, being at the wrong end of an emerging consumer issue or a major disruption to your business will travel fast. Your ability to prevent it becoming a reputation crisis will come down to you preparation.

Know you're doing it right!

There's really only 2 ways to find out if your plan will work and your people will respond well - a real crisis or a realistic simulation! A simulation is a lot cheaper and builds your teams skills. 

Protect your reputation!

A series of consumer complaints or negative comments on your social media sites can quickly escalate into a crisis. Practice your response in a safe learning environment.

Strengthen your business

In a real crisis your relationships with customers, consumers and other key stakeholders will be tested. Being able to respond quickly and effectively actually enhances your relationships.


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