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The Crisis Prevention Leaders Online Course

Can you prevent a crisis? 

Consumer complaints, negative comments, allegations of wrong-doing - whether true or not, or being on the wrong side of an emerging social issue, can escalate into a crisis fast.

A crisis can have a devastating impact on your brand and cost millions of dollars. In fact statistics show 25% of companies won't survive a crisis. 

Don't let that happen to you! When an incident happens you will be able to respond effectively - and quickly, engage the right people, go through an assessment process that helps you anticipate the reactions of others, develop a strategy and create communications that not only prevent a reputation crisis but actually enhance your relationships with customers and consumers and strengthen your business!

Get the training, tools and checklists you need to confidently lead your team through a potential crisis. This online course includes:

  • 7 Online Training Modules
  • Checklists, tools & guides
  • Realistic simulation exercise to practice your response
  • Template for creating your crisis management plan

Get the tools you need to help protect and strengthen your business.