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About CrisisClarity

CrisisClarity is a crisis management training and consulting business located in Sydney, Australia. We offer online and onsite training and crisis simulation exercises that help FMCG managers and teams build the processes and leadership skills to prevent a reputation crisis, particularly over social media.

Through our partnership with leading product recall and crisis management training and consulting business RQA Group based in London, United Kingdom with consultants across Europe and Asia; and Chicago, USA based RQA Inc with consultants across North and South America; we offer onsite services in many countries around the world. 

Director of CrisisClarity, Steve Hather, has worked in the crisis management area for 30 years and developed The Coca-Cola Company's global Incident Management and Crisis Resolution Program. Since leaving Coca-Cola, Steve has worked with many of the world's leading food and consumer goods companies to build the leadership skills and processes to manage incidents and product recalls and prevent a reputation crisis. 


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