Engage fast to prevent a reputation crisis

Like most FMCG managers, you understand the importance of engaging with consumers on your social media pages to build loyalty and trust in your products and brands.

At a time when that trust is tested - when consumer complaints, negative comments or allegations of bad behaviour start to escalate, many companies go silent or revert to an outdated approach to crisis management - the cold defensive PR statement.

It doesn’t work in an age of social media. 

I’m Steve Hather from CrisisClarity. We help food and consumer goods companies prevent a social media crisis and keep more customers through training, coaching and real-time crisis simulations without the PR fluff.

We know that 60% of consumers use social media to get information about products and brands. That number is climbing every day. 

When problems happen, they will be looking at your social media pages to get answers to questions and concerns. Simply sticking a media statement on your social pages is not enough. Consumers don’t just come to social pages to read announcements. They also come to engage or at least see how you’re addressing questions and concerns that others are asking. 

If don’t address those questions and concerns, they will take them elsewhere and that is when misinformation started to spread. 

The traditional media will pick up on this quickly. More than ever media outlets are using Facebook posts from disgruntled consumers as the basis of their story.

How do you stop this happening to you?

Engaging fast and effectively is critical. The more you engage early and the right way, the more those emotions are dialled down, the more consumers trust you and the more you become the single source of truth. 

If you’d like more information on how to stop a reputation crisis in this age of social media, you need to get a copy of my free guide - "No FMCG company should ever have a reputation crisis - 5 mistakes to avoid."

You can download a copy by clicking here.

Thanks for watching and I’ll talk with you soon. 

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