No FMCG company should ever have a crisis

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Consumer complaints, negative comments or allegations of bad behaviour - whether true or not, can quickly escalate into a crisis. Some believe that a crisis is inevitable. It is not. How you respond to incidents will decide whether you have a social media crisis.

Does this sound familiar?

  • "Consumers are being unreasonable."

  • "Social media is unmanageable."

  • "The media hypes everything."

  • "Everyone on my team has a different opinion. I need to respond now."

I’m Steve Hather from CrisisClarity. We help FMCG companies prevent a social media crisis and keep more customers through real-time crisis simulations without the PR fluff.

The fact is that 

  • Consumers act in surprisingly predictable ways if you take the time to understand them. If you engage positively within the first 60 minutes it dials down the level of concern and gives you time to develop a response strategy that works.

  • Social media can actually be your greatest asset when consumers start complaining. You can turn haters into advocates if you use social media the way consumers want to use it. As a means of engaging with you, not listening to your announcements full of PR fluff

  • The media is looking for conflict in some form. I have a client that was accused of mistreating animals by a well known activist. The first reaction was one of defence. Instead they publicly agreed that the behaviour was unacceptable and outlined steps to address it. The media lost interest because there is no story when everyone’s in agreement!

  • With a few simple tools, you can get everyone on your team on the same page fast without lengthy crisis management plans. You need to keep asking the right questions to keep the team focussed on the long term interests of your business and keeping customers. I know that sounds intuitive. It’s not in a potential crisis!

If you’d like more information on how to prevent a social media crisis, download our free guide "No FMCG company should ever have a reputation crisis - 5 mistakes to avoid" by clicking here.


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