Take away the conflict to prevent a reputation crisis

I hear it all the time. The media just hypes everything. They’re just looking for a headline. Why don’t they just publish the facts? 

I’m Steve Hather from CrisisClarity. We help food and consumer goods companies prevent a social media crisis and keep more customers through real-time crisis simulations without the PR fluff.

What you read in the media is based on well-worn story theory. Think about any movie you see, book you read or media story you read. There is almost always a victim (in our case a consumer with a problem), that has supposedly been treated badly by a villain (often you the food or consumer goods company) and ultimately a hero (an expert, a government agency or someone with a different view than you) that helps the victim get “justice".

It is this conflict between victim, villain and hero that makes the story. Without conflict you wouldn’t be interested. 

What would the Star Wars saga be, if it weren’t for our heroes (Luke, Rey, the Jedi and the resistance), pitched in a battle with villain (the Empire/First Order/Emperor) to save the people of the galaxy from tyranny?

The answer is to take away the conflict.

A good client of mine was recently accused by a well-known activist group of bad behaviour. The group even sent videos to the media. The natural first reaction might have been to vigorously defend themselves. After we discussed the alternatives, the strategy they actually used was to publicly agree the behaviour was unacceptable and that they needed to do even more to end that behaviour. They even offered to work with the activist group to get to the bottom of it.

The result? The media was not interested. No conflict, no story. 

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Thanks for watching and I’ll talk with you soon. 

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