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You can prevent a social media crisis! We can show you how!

Are you confident that you and your team can respond effectively when a potential social media crisis happens? Getting it wrong can be devastating for your reputation and your business!

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A series of consumer complaints, negative comments, a product recall, or a corporate scandal can quickly escalate into a crisis

Social media means bad news travels further and faster than ever which means you have to get on top of it quickly.

There are two ways to know your team can manage a crisis - in a real one, OR in the safe, learning environment of a crisis simulation.

A realistic crisis simulation exercise will prepare your team!

Our simulation exercises help you ......

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Practice key leadership skills

The problem-solving, communication, strategy, facilitation skills you build in this course not only help you lead a team in a potential crisis but they also build your career!

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Respond confidently on social media

Learn how to respond effectively to consumer complaints and negative comments on your social media pages - and stop incidents from escalating out of control.

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Protect your reputation and your business

Your team has worked hard for years to to build trust in your brand and your products. Don't risk all that in a poorly managed crisis. We'll give you the tools to protect your business!

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Download your FREE One Page Guide: 
Quick Tips for Effective Crisis Simulations

A crisis simulation exercise helps you know whether your plan will work and your people will respond well when a potential crisis happens. This one page guide will give you some quick tips and tricks to help you make sure your next (or first!) crisis simulation exercise is effective!


How it Works 

Arranging a fully customised simulation exercise for your team is easy!

1. We gather information about your business - your products, brands, stakeholders, the things that keep you up at night!

2. We create a realistic scenario usually with input from someone inside your business (who's sworn to secrecy of course!)

3. At the agreed time and date, you gather your team in a room (or make it a surprise!), log in to our system and receive a series of inputs such as social media posts, phone calls, emails etc that will feel very real (but all behind our secure server that only you can see!), that your team needs to respond to in real time. 

We can have an experienced consultant onsite with you to provide instant feedback and coaching or we can provide feedback online. 

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Get a complimentory demonstation of our Online Crisis Simulation

Real-time crisis simulation exercise

Your team will stress test your crisis management plan and people in a real-time simulation exercise.

You need to respond to consumers on social media, customers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. Stakeholders respond in real time. 


Build your skills and your confidence in a safe learning environment - but one that is as close as you can get to a real crisis without being in one!


Understand team dynamics and team management in a crisis

When everyone is casually sitting around a table discussing what they would probably do in a crisis, when the phones start ringing, customers are demanding answers you don't have yet, regulators are pushing you towards action you don't feel ready for and social media is going viral, a crisis doesn't seem intuitive at all!

The fact is that decision-making in a potential crisis is different and you won't really know whether your plan will work or your people are prepared until your team is put under some pressure. 

We can tailor your exercise to go easy on a new team but really push even the most experienced team.

Practice using your plan and key tools

You will only know that your plan is useful if you are confident with it under crisis conditions. Many companies have  plans that look great when the auditor takes a look through but you will know whether they provide useful guidance in a crisis when you're either in the middle of one - or in the safe learning environment of a realistic simulation.

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"Our annual crisis simulation with CrisisClarity really helps to keep us on our toes and provides the confidence that we'll be able to
respond effectively if a crisis situation occurs."

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Jason Sheriff

Chief Financial Officer, Miraka Ltd

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Feedback and coaching

Consumers respond to your communications in real time. Experienced consultant provides feedack and coaching


KNOW you're doing it right!

Build confidence that your processes are right and your team have the capabilities to manage a real crisis.


Identify gaps and address them

A real crisis is the wrong time to identify gaps. A crisis simulation helps you identify them and address them before the crisis!

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Prepare your team and protect your business today!

Crisis management is one of those programs that keeps getting put off. It's not urgent - until it is and you're not prepared!

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