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You can prevent a social media crisis! We can show you how!

Are you confident that you and your team can respond effectively when a potential social media crisis happens? Getting it wrong can be devastating for your reputation and your business!

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For FMCG companies, social media means that bad news travels faster and further than ever before.

A complaint or series of negative comments can quickly escalate into a crisis as more and more consumers jump into the conversation and start sharing.

If it escalates into a crisis it can cost your company millions of dollars and damage the reputation of your brands that you have worked so hard to build.

Many senior managers feel powerless to stop a fast escalating crisis. Consumers are being irrational, customers and regulators are over-reacting, the media are sensationalising and social media is going viral. Even the most experienced teams can quickly become overwhelmed as it starts to spiral out of control.

Social media however can be your greatest asset when an incident happens. Manage it well and you can not only prevent a crisis but you can actually enhance your relationship with consumers and other key stakeholders and leave your business stronger. 

Practical training to help you prevent a crisis

Full immersion crisis simulation exercise

All our training courses include full immersion in our online crisis simulator. Here you practice using the tools we provide to take on the role of incident coordinator for one of our fictitious companies.

You need to respond to consumers on social media, customers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. Build your skills and your confidence in a safe learning environment - but one that is as close as you can get to a real crisis without being in one!

Short, engaging video modules

Our online training includes short, engaging video modules that provide you with valuable learning materials and case studies and show you how to use the tools and guides. 

We keep the theory short and load up on application.

All the checklists, worksheets, tools and guides you need

All of our courses include checklists, worksheets, tools and guides that you can use immediately to lead your team and apply within your business. 

"... incredibly informative, relatable & approachable".

"Very informative, interactive and some great tools to use. Loved the simulation!"

"Great case studies presented."

Our courses will help you ......

Build your leadership skills

The problem-solving, communication, strategy, facilitation skills you build in this course not only help you lead a team in a potential crisis but they also build your career!

Respond confidently on social media

Learn how to respond effectively to consumer complaints and negative comments on your social media pages - and stop incidents from escalating out of control.

Protect your reputation and your business

Your team has worked hard for years to to build trust in your brand and your products. Don't risk all that in a poorly managed crisis. We'll give you the tools to protect your business!

Build the skills to protect your business today!

Crisis management is one of those programs that keep getting put off. It's not urgent - until it is and you're not prepared!

Online Training

Short, practical training delivered online including a social media simulation exercise so you can build and practice at a time to suit you.

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Online and onsite one-on-one and small group coaching to really help you apply the tools and skills to your business.

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