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Crisis management training and coaching

Build the skills and confidence that you and your team needs to prevent a social media crisis.

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You understand the importance of engaging with consumers on social media for building loyalty and trust. 

When consumer complaints and negative comments start escalating, many companies go silent or revert to an outdated PR approach - a cold, defensive statement sent to the media or stuck on their social media pages.

It doesn't work!

Get practical training and coaching that will help your
prevent a social media crisis

Online Training:

How to manage social media complaints

In this online training course, we'll show you how to

  • engage quickly and confidently on social media to prevent escalation and establish trust

  • anticipate the questions and concerns of key stakeholders, including consumers, so you can be better prepared to engage positively

  • get your team on the same page fast

This four unit course includes:

  • Short engaging video training

  • Worksheets and tools to download

  • Practical exercises so you can apply these key principles to your business.

Even if you get only one great tip or one new tool to add to your toolkit, this course is amazing value at AU$197.
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Social Media Crisis Management

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In conjunction with the Social Media Marketing Institute, CrisisClarity is excited to offer the Social Media Crisis Management program. 

The program consists of 8 modules delivered online over 8 weeks. 

Designed for social media professionals, this program provides additional tools that will enable you to help your business - or your client's business to prevent incidents escalating into a crisis. 

It can also lead to certification as a "Certified Social Media Crisis Advisor".

For further information and to find out when the next intake starts, click the button below.

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All the checklists, worksheets, tools and guides you need

Our courses and coaching programs include checklists, worksheets, tools and guides that you can use immediately and give you the confidence to apply the key principles of social media crisis management effectively.

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Yash Gandhi, Head of Marketing,
Baiada Poultry

The social media crisis management training and simulation exercises with CrisisClarity have improved our social media team's capabilities and really helped us to respond confidently to any type of incident. 

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Andrew Bray,

Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management,

George Weston Foods

Great insights and practical tools that have helped George Weston Foods lift capability and be better prepared for incidents

Online Coaching

Our online coaching program is one-on-one or team coaching that will help you and your team:

  • keep more customers and save money by turning haters into advocates

  • protect the reputation of your brands and business that you have worked so hard to build over many years

  • get your team on the same page fast to manage potential crises.

Spread over five weeks, one hour per week, together we'll

  • Unpack real consumer complaints and issues on your sites and your competitors sites & work through how they could be improved. 

  • Work through a fully customised, real-time crisis simulation so you and your team can practice engaging on social media in a safe, learning environment.

  • Go through easy to use tools that will guide you through even the most complex potential social media crisis

Get more information and see if coaching is the right fit for you

Real-time crisis simulation exercise

Our coaching programs include a fully customised real-time crisis simulation.


Here you practice using the capabilities and tools we provide you to prevent a fictitious - but realistic, potential crisis on what looks like your social media sites.

You need to respond to consumers on social media, customers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. Build your skills and your confidence in a safe learning environment - but one that is as close as you can get to a real crisis without being in one!

What people are saying about our training .....

"... incredibly informative, relatable & approachable".

"Very informative, interactive and some great tools to use. Loved the simulation!"

"Great case studies presented."

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Build your leadership


The problem-solving, communication, strategy, facilitation skills you build in our courses not only help you lead a team in a potential crisis but they also build your career!

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Respond confidently on social media

Learn how to engage fast and effectively when consumer complaints and negative comments appear on your social media pages - and stop incidents from escalating out of control.

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Protect your business and your brands

Your team has worked hard for years to to build loyalty and trust in your brand and your products. Don't risk all that in a poorly managed crisis. We'll give you the tools to protect your business!

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Build the skills to protect your business today!

Crisis management is one of those programs that keep getting put off. It's not urgent - until it is and you're not prepared!

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Online Training

Short, practical training delivered online with the worksheets and tools you need to build your skills and practice using them at a time to suit you.

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One-on-one and team coaching to really help you apply the tools and skills to your business. Get your team on same page and respond consistently.

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Onsite Workshops

Customised training and senior executive workshops at your site in many countries around the world.

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